North Carolina Overtime Law

North Carolina Minimum Wage Law

The North Carolina Mininum Wage is currently the same as the Federal Minimum Wage, $7.25 per hour.


Under North Carolina Law, an employer must give an itemized statement of all deductions to its employees every time they get a paycheck. The employer does not have to list the rate of pay or the hours on the check-stub. The information can also be listed on the check.

Last Paycheck

Under North Carolina Law, your employer has to pay you on or before the next regular payday for the pay period in which you worked when your separation takes place. Your employer may pay you early before the payday, but this is up to the employer. Your employer is within its rights to wait until the regular payday to pay you your final wages.

North Carolina Overtime Law

Under North Carolina Overtime Law, employees 18 years of age and older can be required to work as many hours as an employer wants.  However, North Carolina Overtime Law requires the employer to make sure to pay the employee at least the minimum wage or promised wages (whichever is greater) and pay time and one-half overtime pay based on the employee’s regular rate of pay for all hours worked in excess of 40 in a workweek unless the employee is exempt from overtime pay for a specific reason.

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