Minnesota Overtime Law

Minnesota Minimum Wage Law

There are both state-minimum-wage laws and federal-minimum-wage laws. In cases where an employee is subject to both the state and federal minimum wage laws, the employee is entitled to the higher of the two minimum wages. Since, the current Minnesota Minimum Wage is less than the Federal Minimum Wage its application is limited to the few employees who are covered solely by the Minnesota Minimum Wage Law.

Under Minnesota Minimum Wage Law, employees at a "Large employer" – defined as any enterprise whose annual gross volume of sales made or business done is not less than $625,000 – is $6.15 per hour.  Employees at a "Small employer" is defined as any enterprise whose annual gross volume of sales made or business done is less than $625,000 – is $5.25 per hour.  Minnesota Minimum Wage Law also provides that an employer may pay $4.90 an hour to new employees who are younger than age 20 during their first 90 consecutive days of employment.  However, permanent or current employees may not be displaced by new employees covered by the training wage.

Last Paycheck

Your paycheck is to be issued within 24 hours of your demand for wages (see Minnesota Statutes 181.13). If you quit, your wages are due within the next pay period that is more than five days after quitting. However, wages must be paid within 20 days of separation (see Minnesota Statutes 181.14). In cases where the discharged or quitting employee was entrusted with money or property during employment, the employer shall have an additional 10 calendar-days after the date of the employee's separation to audit the accounts of the employee before the employee's wages are to be paid.

Minnesota Overtime Law

Employees covered by the overtime provisions of the Minnesota fair labor standards act must be paid at least one and one-half times their regular wage
rate for any hours over 48 in a work week. The state law is broader and covers the great majority of employees in Minnesota who are not specifically exempt. Therefore, unless they fit into one of the specific exemptions, most people who work in Minnesota are covered by both the state and federal law. Many of the specific exemptions from overtime requirements are the same in federal and state law.

To learn more about Minnesota Wage and Hour Law and Minnesota Overtime Law visit the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry at http://www.dli.mn.gov/Main.asp

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