Louisiana Overtime Law

Louisiana Overtime Law and Minimum Wage Law

There is no Louisiana Overtime Law.  Louisiana has no wage laws concerning overtime, minimum wage, or the regulation of salaried employees. The United States Department of Labor's (USDOL) Wage and Hour Division enforces the Fair Labor Standards Act regulating minimum wage, overtime and salaried employees.

Last Paycheck

Louisiana employees who are laid off, fired, or who quit must be paid their wages in full at the next regular payday, not to exceed 15 days from the date of their discharge or termination. Wages include vacation time earned by the employee. An employee should send a written demand for payment of their final wages to their employer. After receipt of a written demand, the employer must pay all wages owed to the employee on a timely basis or be subject to a penalty that may be imposed by a court. Claims against an employer for late payment may be filed by way of a private lawsuit. The Louisiana Workforce Commission does not have the authority to enforce this law. You may review this law at (R.S. 23:631) - (R.S. 23:632). 

Unauthorized Deductions from Paycheck

Under Louisiana law (R.S. 23:635), an employer is prohibited from penalizing an employee or deducting any sum of money as a penalty or fine from the employee's wages, except where the employee damages property belonging to the employer or property in the possession of the employer. The deduction, though, cannot exceed the actual damage done. 

To learn more about Louisiana Wage and Hour Law and Louisiana Overtime Law visit the Louisiana Workforce Commission at http://www.laworks.net/FAQs/FAQ_LouisianaLaborLaws.asp

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